Client: Saracens Rugby Club
Project Value: £50,000 per annum
Timespan: N/A
Project Type: Commercial

Powerday has been Saracen’s waste partner since 2013. During this period, Powerday has worked with Saracens to develop a waste strategy that drives segregation at source while being practical in terms of optimising the number of containers on site and the frequency of exchange. A waste compound was created to drive this culture and focus all off-field staff on the importance of segregating waste and the creation of the waste in the first instance. The waste compound utilises plant in driving optimisation with a compactor being adopted to make sure that every exchange of waste is leaving full. The Saracens relationship is based on regular reviews driving continuous improvements by identifying new routes of segregation as well as service expectations. The foundation blocks of the agreement are Powerday are able to provide Saracens the comfort that all waste processed at their facilities will result in 100% diversion from landfill.

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