Fly Tip Clearance

Whether you own private land or you’re a local authority, fly tipping can be both an eyesore and hazardous at the same time. With dedicated vehicles operating throughout London 24 hours a day, Powerday are on hand to help with fly tipping clearance for any home or business.

Rubbish dumped by the public, tradesmen or businesses can be recycled at our facilities, providing the ultimate environmentally friendly service. We’ll remove the waste with our caged vehicles and process the waste to avoid it ending up in landfill. This leaves your space clear and safe once again thanks to our dedicated team.

  • Private land - Farmland can be hampered by waste which has been tipped, damaging land and bringing unwanted pests
  • Health hazardous - Waste left to sit can attract vermin, causing disease and distress to residents
  • Dumped rubbish - Keep the pavements in your town, village or city clear of health hazards with prompt clearance of any rubbish dumped
  • Landlords - If you own a building or complex, fly tipped waste can be off-putting for tenants and visitors

With over 40 years of experience, we know how important transparency is, that’s why we recycle the waste we collect and provide documentation as well as performance reporting. You get all the professionalism of a large company, with all the service of a family-run business, which is why we’re leading recyclers for the South of England.

Get in touch today to arrange for fly tipping clearance in London and we’ll be happy to help - we value keeping communities clean and tidy above all else. With facilities based in Willesden, Brixton, Enfield, Heathrow and Wimbledon we are the right company for you.

Contact our team today on 020 8960 4646