Comprehensive hazardous waste solutions

Powerday offers comprehensive hazardous waste solutions to the construction industry and other large producers of CoSHH waste across London and the home counties. Our hazardous waste services can be provided as part of a total waste management or standalone solution.

We provide a range of UN approved hazardous waste containers holding from 5 litres to 1,000 litres. These include drums, IBCs and different sized wheeled bins. We operating our own dedicated fleet of hazardous waste collection vehicles with ADR trained drivers, this enables us to provide cost-effective and efficient collections with shorter lead times than most of our competitors.

Storage, sorting & disposal

We are licensed to handle 60,000 tonnes of hazardous waste at our Old Oak Sidings facility in North West London, where we can receive materials round the clock 24/7.

We operate secure on-site hazardous waste storage facilities and can take and re-package materials in a secure dedicated handling area for onwards recovery. And we ensure a fully compliant solution for all hazardous wastes with full documentation provided online.

Auditing and classification

We are able to carry out site audits, including for fly tips, to identify hazardous materials and how to compliantly handle, transport and dispose of these. We can supply independent chemists to classify unspecified wastes where required.

Hazardous waste materials we take

Powerday is licensed to handle a wide range of hazardous waste generated by the construction industry and other producers of CoSHH waste. For a comprehensive list of the hazardous wastes we are licensed to take, please contact us.

Find out more about our asbestos waste and fly tip services.

How to become a Waste Hero

Ultimately, we are here to help you better manage your hazardous waste. To do that we have created an easy process to follow - HEROES. Take a look at our video to find out how you can improve your processes and become a Waste Hero.

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