Material Processing

For ultimate transparency and traceability when it comes to your waste, at Powerday we provide material processing which can be tracked from collection to the end destination - whether that’s for renewable fuels or recycled materials.

  • Aggregates - Recovered aggregates are used across London in the construction and road building sectors.
  • Wood - Recycled wood is sorted into grades, chipped and then supplied as a biomass fuel in the UK.
  • Metal - Metals sorted into categories, these materials are reprocessed here in the UK to go back into manufacturing a plethora of products to avoid using virgin materials.
  • Plastic - Our plastics are reprocessed in the UK, Europe and in the Far East. We recover different grades of plastics at our facilities and then return them back into the manufacturing supply chain.
  • Cardboard & Paper - Paper and cardboard recovered by us is graded and baled ready for reprocessing in the UK, Europe and in the Far East, with the material used to create other card and paper products once more.
  • Renewable Fuel - Renewable fuels which are produced with the residues of our recycling process, often referred to as RDF (Refuse Derived Fuel), are used in European renewable energy plants producing electricity and heat, replacing fossil fuels. Our processing capability means we are able to vary the composition and particle size of our fuels to meet the exacting demands of each Energy from Waste plant.

If you’d like to learn more about where you waste goes, how it’s processed at our sites throughout London, or our legal documentation, simply contact our friendly team today and we’ll be happy to help. With facilities based in Brixton, Canning Town, Enfield, Heathrow, Willesden, and Wimbledon we are the right company for you.

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