Powerday provides storage, collection and recycling services for plasterboard and other gypsum waste including artex and ceiling tiles.  

We provide 240, 660 and 1100 litre wheelie bins specifically for plasterboard and gypsum waste and encourage all clients to segregate these materials on site.  We provide dedicated daily dustcart collection services around London to ensure the fast removal of these waste materials from your site.   

Alternatively, segregated plasterboard can be tipped at our sites in our dedicated plasterboard bays.  

Plasterboard collected by Powerday or tipped with us is bulked at our waste transfer stations and materials recycling facilities before being transported to re-processors.   

Reprocessing of waste plasterboard 

The paper is removed from the product and recycled.  The gypsum power is ground down to make new products for the cement and plasterboard industry, and for agriculture.  Gypsum powder adds calcium and sulphur to the land without altering the PH value of soil providing an ideal fertiliser. 

All our waste plasterboard is reprocessed to comply with PAS 109 Specification for the Production of Reprocessed Gypsum.   

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