Plastic Recycling

Powerday provides plastic recycling services to the construction industry, local authorities and other businesses across London and the home counties.   

We accept a range of mixed or segregated rigid plastics including plastic pipes, road barriers and wheelie bins as well as soft plastics such as packaging.   

Rigid plastics 

Rigid plastics are sorted manually at our Material Recycling Facilities in Willesden , Enfield, and Canning Town ensuring a clean product for onward recycling.   

These materials are baled and transported to remanufacturers in the UK to be melted and chipped into pellets which can then be used to manufacture future plastic products. 

Soft plastics 

Smaller amounts of soft plastics that come to our sites in mixed loads are mechanically processed into refuse derived fuel (RDF) which is used to generate energy from waste in the UK and Europe.  RDF requires a percentage of plastic to deliver a high calorific value, quality product to efficiently generate renewable fuels.   

Sourcing the best outlets for waste plastics 

Powerday is committed to making the best use of plastic materials, ensuring that waste plastics are diverted from landfill and moved up the waste hierarchy.    

If you are interested in our waste plastics, please contact us.  We are particularly interested in talking to closed loop recycling plants in the UK and Europe. 

Find out more 

To learn more about our plastic recycling process, or to discuss your collection and disposal requirements, simply contact our team today.   

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