Wood Recycling in London

With the construction industry producing hundreds of thousands of tonnes of wood waste each year, at Powerday we provide wood recycling across London to divert this precious material away from landfill sites.

In order to make best use of such a valuable resource, we process the waste we collect and receive at our recycling centre in London, putting it back into use where possible, creating woodchips for remanufacturing into composite board, or for energy recovery producing a high quality renewable biomass fuel.

We’re leading recyclers for Southern England, taking the environment and your credentials seriously. For over 30 years we have delivered a high level of service, all of which is backed by our experience and knowledge of recycling practices.

Contact us today to discuss your wood recycling and disposal requirements – we’re always happy to help you dispose of your waste wood in an easy and responsible manner. With facilities based in Willesden, Brixton and Enfield we are the right company for you.

Contact our team today on 020 8960 4646