Wood recycling services

Powerday provides wood recycling services to construction and demolition companies, local authorities and other organisations and businesses across London. We are committed to making the best use of these materials, ensuring that waste wood is diverted from landfill and moved up the waste hierarchy.

We handle over 40,000 tonnes of waste wood per annum, mainly from construction and demolition, local authority civic amenity and fly tip sites. The wood is transported to our Materials Recycling Facilities in Willesden Junction , Enfield and Canning Town, where it is separated from other materials and graded, using a combination of manual and machine processes.


Our waste wood products

The clean grade A wood waste is chipped and made into a number of different recycled products including in the production of composite panel boards.

The remaining mixed grade wood is also chipped and used for biomass fuels. The majority of this goes to Ridham Docks biomass plant in Kent as part of a long-term contract with MVV Environment. In 2018, the 24,000 tonnes of waste wood we delivered to MVV generated enough CO2-neutral electrical energy to power nearly 7,000 homes and saved the emissions of more than 12,000 tonnes of CO2.

Best practice in wood recycling

Powerday is a member of the Wood Recyclers Association (WRA), the trade association for the waste wood recycling sector, to gain a better insight into the market, share best practice and drive progress in our industry.

According to the Wood Recyclers Association, around four million tonnes of waste wood is generated in the UK each year.

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