National waste management services

National Solutions

We provide National Solutions throughout the UK, extending our total waste management services beyond our traditional London and South East operating areas.

Powerday national solutions provides a full range of containment options including skips, roros and wheeled bins.  Wherever you are in the country, we collect all types of waste generated including hazardous wastes (CoSHH).

Consolidated Approach                                                                                                                      We provide our clients with a consolidated approach to waste management, delivered through Powerday and like-minded regional partners. We deliver a direct service across London and the South East and work with our approved, tried and tested supplier base throughout the rest of the country.

Single Point of Contact                                                                                                                        We employ experienced staff as part of a dedicated national solutions team to actively manage subcontracted services nationwide.  You will be provided with a dedicated contract manager with extensive site and waste knowledge who will periodically visit all your sites across the country in person and support recommendations with data and photographic back-up.

 Accurate Feedback Reporting                                                                                                          We provide can accurate feedback on all your sites at a local and consolidated level, enabling you to better manage individual sites and compare your performance regionally and nationally.  Our feedback includes service levels, spend analysis and recycling performance.

Competitively Priced                                                                                                                            We provide competitively priced and value-for-money solutions for main contractors operating nationally.  Wherever possible, we help you reduce your waste costs by minimising waste, increasing recycling and recovery and introducing waste handling efficiencies.

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