Earlier this month, Powerday hosted a fact finding tour of key players from the Waste Contractors & Recycling Industry Association of Queensland, a visit arranged by their CEO Rick Ralph.

The 15 strong delegation was interested in seeing how independent waste businesses have responded to an emerging recycling market in the UK and how those experiences can advise and influence the emergence of the industry in Australia where there is still a heavy reliance on landfill.

Powerday gave the visitors a presentation on the UK market place, legislation and technologies and facilitated a round table discussion to debate ideas such as Site Waste Management Plans and recycling reporting which really struck a chord with the group. Discussions were followed by a tour of the 1.6 million tonne capacity Materials Recycling Facility at Old Oak Sidings. Of course, the day didn't go by without mention of both the Ashes and the Olympics!

Rick Ralph, Executive Director, Waste Contractors & Recyclers Association of Queensland and tour organiser said: "We are hugely grateful to Powerday for hosting this fascinating visit. Many Australian states are redesigning their waste policy and regulatory frameworks and we have come away with some very strong ideas to move our industry forward."

Simon Little, Sales & Marketing Director, Powerday said: "It was a delight to host such a motivated group, so keen to learn from our experience. We hope that Powerday's forward thinking approach will help our new friends in Australia shape and respond to the emerging resource efficiency agenda on other side of the world".