Construction Sport partnership to support employee mental health

The likeminded organisation believes in the power of sport to improve both physical health and mental wellbeing.  It provides opportunities that encourage and enable employee participation in a range of sports including golf, rugby, football and hiking which promote a host of mental and physical wellbeing benefits.

Construction Sport recently launched a new mental health platform, with specialist provider Mente, to provide members’ employees with training on a range of health issues supported with access to an online health platform.  Emergency mental health support is also provided to employees in the event of a crisis.

Powerday are one of the first companies to be on the pilot for the platform, with employees having access to this platform 24/7, 365 days a year. Powerday and Construction Sport will work together to gain attraction of the platform to all 240 Powerday employees.

Liam Kearney, Joint Managing Director, Powerday says: “Powerday has long championed the power of sport in improving both mental and physical wellbeing and has supported many community sports clubs and facilities delivering a wide range of sports including boxing, football, rugby and Gaelic football.  Becoming a member of the new Construction Sport online platform, brings the focus on to the health and wellbeing of our employees, at what is a hugely challenging time for everyone.  We hope that all employees will take full advantage of this online support tool which is available 24/7.  ”

Stephen Kerslake, Construction Sport says: “The UK loses two construction workers a day to suicide, the importance of a positive mental health culture should not be understated.  I’m delighted Powerday has joined the pilot platform and look forward to welcoming more of their employees at our events and working with Powerday to help employees manage their mental and physical wellbeing”.

Powerday has recently launched our manifesto outlining our sustainability priorities for 2022.   With an aim to provide a safe and caring working environment in which our employees are respected, supported and flourish, we have committed to continuing to support employee health and wellbeing throughout this year.  As part of our Construction Sport membership, We also plan to train more mental health first aiders in 2022 as well as encouraging participation in organised events.