COVID-19 Statement

As updates on the  Corona Virus ‘Covid 19’ continue to develop, we write to advise the measures we here at Powerday are taking to protect our employees, customers, suppliers and the general public.  

The virus has already affected many areas of our daily lives and the disruption is likely to last for some time. We are closely monitoring the situation and our newly formed internal COBRA team are meeting daily and updating Powerday’s own methods of prevention based on the latest available expert advice from the Government and the Chief Medical Officer.  

In light of the Government’s move from the ‘containment’ to the ‘delay’ phase in combatting the virus, we have introduced measures on all our sites to help protect our staff and customers.  We ask that if you are visiting our sites that you follow the instructions that we give you and work with us to protect all who use our sites. We have stopped wherever possible essential face to face meetings both internally and externally and replaced with digital meetings.

We are now also asking our drivers to e-sign orders on behalf of customers in order to limit the potential spread of infection through the handling of the electronic tablets and for all staff and customers to keep a two-metre (6.5 feet) distance between all persons at all times. In these cases, the driver will take the name and a photo image of the authorised person he is e-signing on behalf. We ask that you confirm your agreement to the above to avoid any issues further down the line. 

The Government’s current advice is that people should self-isolate if they are experiencing any of the symptoms of the virus.  Our business relies on our staff to provide our high levels of customer service. As a preventative risk strategy, we have split all critical teams geographically 3 ways: 1/3 in our OOS site / 1/3 in our Enfield site and 1/3  working from home. We have beefed up our internal and external digital communication methods to enable seamless dialogue. These measures will ensure the continuity of our service to you. Please rest assured that we are working tirelessly to minimise any impact the virus may have on our business and the services we provide to you.

We communicate electronically with our staff on a daily basis so that they are fully aware of the latest expert ‘Covid ‘updates and are undertaking extreme levels of health and safety to ensure the highest possible hygiene standards are maintained. 

We will continue to enforce that all of our staff keep a distance of 2 meters minimum and wear face masks and gloves where appropriate. To protect our vulnerable staff we have asked them to work from home for the foreseeable future  

To assist us in maximising our workforce we ask that if you or your business are affected by the virus that you let us know as soon as possible so that we can work with you to identify the best way to continue to service your needs.  If you need to reschedule any works e.g. a delivery, exchange or collection please give us as much notice as possible so we can continue to work efficiently and effectively.

This unprecedented viral outbreak will test our communities and businesses.  We are all in this together and Powerday will continue to operate Business As Usual and endeavour to minimise any disruption to your business.  We ask for your cooperation during this time and look forward to continuing to provide the best possible service to you. 

We would ask you to keep us abreast of your own preventative plans and any future plans and how they may affect the delivery of our service to you. 

We are sending our thoughts to those who have been affected by COVID -19 and also want to say our sincere thanks to those on the front lines of this pandemic for their work and dedication. 

We appreciate your business and your patience in these unprecedented times