Extending Geminor relationship with Brexit-proof contract

Powerday has signed a new Brexit-proof contract with leading supplier of renewable fuels, Geminor, for the export of 60,000 tonnes of high grade refuse derived fuel (RDF) each year to Sweden.

As London’s leading independent RDF producer, Powerday generates 100,000 tonnes of RDF and solid recovered fuel (SRF) each year at the Old Oak Sidings and Enfield Materials Recycling Facilities. The high-quality products are supplied to waste-to-energy facilities in the UK and on the continent.

Powerday has been working with Geminor since 2015. The RDF is shipped from the Port of Sheerness in Kent to Oxelösund Port in East Sweden using return sea freight journeys. It is then supplied to the Fortum owned Hogdalen energy-from-waste (EFW) facility in Stockholm. This plant, for which Powerday supplies approximately 30% of the fuel, produces 2,174 GWh heat and 197 GWh electricity each year. This is enough to heat and power 20,000 homes in South Stockholm.

Geminor works with over 100 waste producers and oversees the recovery of 1.4million tonnes of renewable fuels a year, supplying these to over 70 recovery facilities across Northern Europe.

The new contract has been designed to ensure contractual certainty whatever the outcome of the negotiations around the scheduled withdrawal of the United Kingdom from the European Union.

Mick Crossan, Chairman, Powerday said: “We are delighted to agree this new contract with one of Europe’s biggest suppliers of renewable fuels. With our state-of-the-art facilities, Powerday produces a significant volume of consistent, high-quality RDF which is in great demand. This renewed contract ensures our clients non-recyclable material is kept out of landfill and is used to generate both heat and power.”

James Maiden, Country Manager for Geminor in the UK, said: “We are pleased to continue our successful relationship with Powerday, one of our key suppliers of refined RDF. Geminor always seeks to innovate and we have worked hard to ensure that the new contract is suitably flexible to take us and Powerday through the next few years of uncertainty. As a leading supplier of renewable fuels, we delight in the landfill diversion and energy generation this contract represents.”

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