Although most of us were aware of the increase in landfill tax on 1st April of this year, only now is it beginning to hit home as the first waste management invoices since 1st April arrive in the post or email inbox. And no wonder companies are feeling the pinch, with landfill tax rising by £8 to £56 per tonne, who can afford to pay £28,000 in tax for every 500 tonnes sent to landfill? Especially, when there is an alternative!

Powerday is not passing on landfill tax increases to its clients because we operate on the basis of 100% recovery from waste. We believe this year is the tipping point where waste treatment through recycling and recovery has become more economical than landfill for the first time – meaning not only can companies reduce their impact on the environment but they can save money at the same time.

We invest heavily in our Materials Recycling Facility to ensure our technology remains state-of-the-art enabling us to recycle as much as possible and recover the rest as a renewable fuel. This allows our clients to mitigate against future landfill tax increases and future-proof their waste management service. Moreover, we are working with many clients to set fixed prices over a longer term.

If you are paying too much for waste management invoices since 1st April, contact us for a quote or call us to discuss your waste management needs on 020 6960 4646.