Greener Goals For Everyone

20th April 2018

Greener Goals For Everyone

Everyone from large corporations to households are making changes to the way they operate and live, all in the name of protecting the environment. Recycling and green initiatives are consistently in the news, with the UK government under pressure to do more. Recently, there has been a big push on plastic recycling with many campaigns and incentives surrounding this topic being implemented in the hopes of a greener future.

What are the main benefits of going green?

  • Financial Benefits– By using techniques such as energy saving lightbulbs and by adopting paperless systems, you can save a considerable amount each month.

  • Health Benefits– Going green promotes a healthier lifestyle with the reduction of your carbon footprint, along with air and water pollution which will vastly improve our food and drink resources.

  • Sustainability– It is common knowledge that the earth’s natural resources are running out. By adopting a green lifestyle, we can save these resources and ensure that future generations can thrive.

What does it mean to go green?

Let’s start by clarifying what it means to go green. It’s something of a popular phrase right now, with more and more people recognising that they impact the environment, however small an impact that may be.

As previously stated, there has been a huge emphasis on the way we recycle waste, namely plastic, in the media which has led to everyone from businesses to individuals consciously making an effort to reduce their environmental impact. There are news articles almost on a daily basis published on ways we can cut down on the consumption of plastic from reusable containers to enzymes that can breakdown the composition of plastic bottles. This demonstrates how there are a variety of ways in which you can adopt a greener ethos.

Small changes, if made across the country, could add up to big wins for the environment and our future. That’s why just a little bit of thought about your daily routine – buying coffee, washing clothes, the way we separate waste – all goes a long way to “going green”. Whether it’s on a personal level or a business level, it all helps.

How do I start to go green at home?

Most homes now have specific bins for recycling, so there has already been an improvement in the recycling of tins, paper, glass and plastic products, but aside from recycling with the council, how else can you go green at home? Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • Use your heating wisely. If you know you’re going to be away, don’t leave your heating on a normal schedule. Programme your heating around what you’re doing and you’ll save on energy as well as money.

  • If you’ve got subscriptions to any newspapers and magazines, try switching to digital versions to save on paper and space in your home. If you insist on getting the print version, consider reusing the paper for litter tray lining or share magazines with friends.

  • All homes encounter a leaking tap, shower or toilet cistern at some point, wasting a great deal of water if left unchecked. By fixing these issues early, you’ll use less water overall – something which can save you money if you’re on a meter.

  • Taking lunch to work to save some money? Invest in an insulated lunch bag instead of using cling film or plastic sandwich bags which get thrown away each day.

  • If you’re looking to make a bigger change, and you have the budget, you could invest in solar panels for your home. This way you can make use of the natural sunlight and use less energy from energy companies.

How do I start to go green at work?

Making business changes can be tough at the best of times, but the key is to sell the basis that bills will become lower, while the business profile will be raised through positive environmental action.

In Office environments

  • Segregate your waste by material so that it can be easily stored and collected for recycling. By keeping paper, card, plastics and other materials separate you allow your waste management team to get more out of unwanted materials.

  • Printing things off seems like a necessary and every-day task for most people, but the amount of ink and paper used could be cut significantly by using more electronic communication. If you need to print documents, try to print double-sided to reduce the amount of paper you use.

In Construction environments

  • For many companies, an old fleet of vehicles can be detrimental to costs as well as the environment. By replacing your older vehicles with more fuel efficient, updated models, you will be helping the environment and investing in the future of your business.

  • Make use of everything your work site has to offer. Crushed aggregates are a great way of taking something old and unwanted and putting it back into use. Aggregates can be used for a number of purposes on the same construction site or, they can be collected and utilised elsewhere.

  • Using sustainable materials in the construction process such as recycled metal and stone as well as natural paints can significantly decrease your environmental impact.

Go Green week

The EU Green Week running from 21-25 May this year will be a great way to join the effort to make cities greener. There will be events across Europe in an effort to engage people and local authorities in developing for a sustainable future.

Along with the EU Green Week, World Environment Day is on June 05th. Many of our clients use these events to introduce or pilot new ways of improving their recycling processes and reinforcing the importance of being green.

Powerday are London’s leading provider of waste management and recycling services, with decades of experience and a dedication to providing a cleaner, more beneficial way of dealing with waste in the UK.

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