Investing £6 million in our Willesden site

The waste management industry is constantly evolving, with new technology and practices helping the industry to better deal with wastes of all types.

At Powerday, we have been at the forefront of this evolution in the sector by constantly investing in new infrastructure to help us meet the demands of our clients and remain compliant with legislation. Our mission is to provide our clients with 100% recovery rates, by recycling then producing renewable fuels, which means no materials need to go to landfill sites.

Work is almost complete on the installation of a new recycling process in our largest building at our Willesden site. The £6m investment has meant the removal of the plant, which has been in operation largely since 2006, and the installation of an entirely new system, working with our long standing partner Turmec Engineering.

The new system will also mean that the Willesden site will be able to process a greater quantity of waste with higher specifications of the materials recovered.This means that the recyclables we produce will continue to be valued by the markets we supply.

Whilst the work has been carried out, our customers have remained unaffected as we have been able to utilise both the second building at Willesden and our other two sites in Enfield and Brixton. Work is expected to be completed in the middle of July.

Our facilities are always open to clients who would like to see how their waste is handled, so if you would like to see the new plant in action please get in touch to arrange a visit.