Is PAS402 really still important?

 We are celebrating retaining PAS 402 for the seventh year running after our recent audit and it seems a good time to reflect on why this is still hugely important to our clients…

PAS 402 provides a specification for performance reporting, on how a waste management organisation conducts its activities and the landfill diversion and material recovery rates it achieves.  By assuring the accuracy and reliability of our reporting, the PAS 402 standard helps Powerday to enable our construction clients to increase their recycling and reuse performance and reduce waste costs through increased visibility and understanding of what is happening to their waste.

Of course, the focus of waste management in construction companies has broadened in recent years – it’s not just about maximising recycling and diversion from landfill.  It’s about the circular economy, eliminating single use plastic, designing for deconstruction, and materials reuse, and much more.  PAS 402 supports this broader agenda, helping contractors to accurately identify materials that require attention for example those that could be reused or reduced, as well as those that could be recycled rather than sent to landfill. This helps contractors to not only meet their legal requirements by treating waste in line with the waste hierarchy, but also to, in the longer term, look to design out waste across a build.

Being the first in England to achieve certification back in 2015, PAS 402 helped propel Powerday to the forefront of performance reporting.  But, when many of our peers now also have the certification, we know that we need more in our armoury to remain at the forefront.  As part of this, Powerday is launching a new bespoke App, giving clients real time access to data via mobile phones or indeed any other device they choose.  Powerday PAL, as it is known, is helping to provide timely and accurate reporting on all aspects of a job from product ordering and PO monitoring, to recycling data reporting and tracking of collections and deliveries.  I think we can all agree that designing out waste is something which, more than anything, requires robust metrics - whether that’s wasted money or wasted materials – so we are really excited by this new innovation and the opportunities it brings our clients.

So yes, we are still celebrating even after having PAS 402 certification for seven years.  We remain proud to have been the first company in England to achieve the standard but we continue to strive to remain at the forefront of reporting.  It’s still vitally important to our clients to be able to have confidence in the performance of Powerday as their waste management company and in their waste and recycling rates we provide them with - and PAS 402 gives them just that.  While Powerday PAL gives them the visibility and control they need to use this accurate and reliable data to design out financial and materials waste across their sites.

Anthony Davitt

Sales Director