Last month, London ABA published its Powerday Development Programme annual review highlighting £4.5m of total funding.

Since 2011, Powerday has partnered with the London Amateur Boxing Association (ABA) to deliver a sustainable boxing development programme throughout London. The objectives of the programme are to increase participation in the sport of boxing where London accounts for 22% of the people who box regularly nationally and to create new and refurbished facilities that are fit for purpose and valued by all members of the community and stakeholder groups.

Working with London ABA, and specifically Paul King, Powerday’s commitment has in turn attracted a total of £1.5m funding for capital and revenue projects and enabled the clubs to renegotiate their tenancy and other costs to a further value of £3m. This equates to a total investment of £4.5m as a result of the Powerday initiative.

Keith Walters OBE stated: “Without the Powerday support and investment into our vision, the strategy to improve the sport and our clubs would not have occurred. The outcomes have been exemplary as we look forward to delivering further benefits for Londoners in the future”.

Mick Crossan, Chairman of Powerday, commented: “Working with the London ABA from day one has been refreshing. As well as developing elite talent within the sport, their commitment to use boxing as a vehicle to help improve the lives of young people and the communities they live in is exceptional. The work they do to take boxing into communities via schools and youth groups is a credit to them. The report summarises this work well and I hope the programme will attract further support”.

The relationship between Powerday and the London ABA creates other linkages, the latest is the ‘Powerday Pathway’ where young boxers have the opportunity to undergo work based training with Powerday and their training partner Kotuku Environmental Labour Project (KELP), this programme leads to sustainable full time work with Powerday. Commenting further, Mr Crossan added: “We are very proud of this initiative, helping young people into work is absolutely essential for a successful economy and for Powerday to continue to grow so this partnership will go from strength to strength”.

Read the review by clicking here.