Following our previous announcement on this exciting new energy-from-waste plant, full operations have now commenced at MVV’s Ridham Docks facility.

The plant will generate 23 megawatts at the docks on the Swale in Kent, using 172,000 tonnes of waste wood per year. Generating almost 188 million kilowatt-hours of electrical energy, enough to power up to 38,000 homes, the plant is combined heat and power enabled meaning that the heat can be used for local industry.

The fuel that Powerday is providing to the plant is produced at the company’s Materials Recycling Facilities in Willesden Junction and Enfield and is derived from mixed wood collected from construction sites in and around London.

Simon Little, Sales & Marketing Director, Powerday says: “We are delighted to see this plant fully operational and to have our customers’ waste wood go to a UK based state-of-the-art CHP plant, further reducing ours and our customers impact on the environment whilst helping meet the UK waste agenda and renewable fuel targets.”

The UK generates an estimated 4.5 million tonnes of waste wood a year[1] the majority of which ends up in landfill. In 2012 sent over 1.2million tonnes of waste wood to biomass plants in the UK and abroad[2].

[1] WRAP ‘Wood Waste Market in the UK’ 2009
[2] ‘Waste wood to market’ figures for 2012 from Wood Recyclers Association members