The new Willen Biogas anaerobic digestion plant in North London has entered the commissioning phase and is expected to be fully operational shortly.

The 25,000 tonne per year facility is sited on Cattlegate Farm in Potters Bar which is easily accessible from central and north London and already had a grid connection for the export of 1.5mw of electricity. The digestate produced as a by-product of the process will be returned to the land to increase yields and produce healthier plants on the farm’s 2,000 acre arable land.

The plant is a collaboration between the family owners of Cattlegate Farm and Oakwood Plant. Powerday has assisted with sourcing food waste and is informing clients of the opportunity to receive separate food waste collections.

Simon Little, Sales & Marketing Director, Powerday says: “We are very pleased to see this plant nearing completion. At Powerday we believe it is essential for plants like this to be developed in and around London in order to have final treatment options close to where the waste is created. This development fits with our aim to retain the benefits of London resources as close as possible to the communities that create them“.

Anyone looking for food waste collections or tipping facilities should contact Powerday on 020 8960 4646.