Proud to announce three-year main sponsorship agreement

Powerday and the London Amateur Boxing Association (ABA) are proud to announce a three-year main sponsorship agreement.

Through Chairman Mick Crossan, Powerday has provided unbridled support and funding, over the last seven years to develop and improve outcomes and participation through London boxing and the clubs across the capital.

The Powerday Development Programme is unique and has continued as a legacy programme post the London 2012 Olympic Games and is having a major impact for boxing in London. It has attracted external funding of over £8.5 million directly into clubs through resource and capital funding, through a myriad of other agencies and local authorities who also recognise the value of the sport both in terms of health and mental well-being and social inclusion.

A key part of the Powerday Development Programme is to support the regional governing body, London Boxing, in their delivery of development and major events. Powerday has therefore agreed to extend its previous five years of sponsorship for a further three years to remain as the proud main sponsor of London Boxing.

Mick Crossan, Chairman of Powerday stated: "As part of our continuing London 2012 Olympic Games legacy plan for the sport and supporting the benefits to local young people and communities, which is a corner stone of our company's corporate community plans, has been to enable a catalyst for change and growth in the sport of amateur boxing, ensuring strategic- development aims and objectives are achieved by supporting London boxing clubs across the capital. We are therefore pleased to further extend our relationship with an iconic organisation which is providing positive activities and outcomes for young people within marginalised communities  and help them realise their potential, which through their clubs provides them with so many positive messages and lessons for life either through competitive or recreational boxing."

The Chairman of London Boxing, Lenny Hagland said: "Powerday is a renowned company within the capital and beyond, however they have never lost their roots and commitment to grass roots sport and particularly amateur boxing and this new agreement is a further indication of their commitment towards London boxing and all of our clubs and members. The positive investment of funding and resource into our future is a great boost as we seek to further develop opportunities and projects to grow, sustain and create further excellence for the sport in London and continue the conveyor belt of talent such as recent World Youth and Olympic Gold Medallist- Caroline Dubois, who is also uniquely a Powerday Bursary recipient."