Powerday has recently invested in four new Crossrail compliant skip lorries, adding to the company's extensive fleet.All four vehicles reach Crossrail requirements, with cameras, blind spot detection equipment, under-run guards and caution signs installed. Growing congestion on the roads has caused concerns for the safety of cyclists and pedestrians in London, these extra safety measures insure that safety on the road is of the upmost importance to us at Powerday.

All drivers have been enrolled to be bought up to the same level of driver awareness and safety in Crossrail Driver Courses, this will be completed by the end of March 2014. Powerday will also be renewing the entire fleet this year insuring that all vehicles will be Crossrail and Euro 6 compliant. All lorries will have the latest safety equipment and will be up to date with current European emission legislations.

Edward Crossan, Powerday says: '' I am pleased to be adding the new Crossrail compliant lorries to our fleet. The next step is to upgrade the rest of our vehicles so they all comply with Crossrail standards and will run on Euro 6 engines, providing us with lower emissions and reducing our carbon footprint.''