Powerday is delighted to announce a new bursary programme developed with the London Amateur Boxing Association as part on their ongoing partnership. London is recognised as being amateur boxing’s most successful region in achieving competitive success and raising finance in excess of £4.5 million in 18 months.

By creating interactive community programmes, which are based both in amateur boxing clubs and as outreach programmes in schools and neighbourhood community centres, they have increased the number of competitive boxers and the general public using amateur boxing club facilities.

Powerday, who with London ABA, has set up an ‘athlete pathway’ which has led to the creation of a programme providing work opportunities for registered members of London ABA’s 110 amateur boxing clubs. Now this partnership has led to the introduction of an annual £500 bursary award for six London ABA registered boxers, male or female aged between 12 and 18 years of age. The intention is to assist aspiring boxers, who have not received funding from elsewhere and who have shown potential, to progress to international recognition. The £500 annual bursary, for the six successful applicants is to be used for equipment, travel and training costs.

Mick Crossan, Powerday’s Chairman commented: “As part of Powerday’s long term commitment to amateur boxing in London, Powerday is continuing to build a London 2012 Olympic legacy for both boxing and young Londoners through our partnership with London ABA. We are delighted to be the first company to launch and deliver this corporate investment in young amateur boxers who are deemed worthy of support and who, with extra support, are capable of developing into international competitors via the ‘performance pathway’ ”.

Keith Walters OBE, Hon Sec London ABA, mirrored the impact this new initiative will make on the fortunate young Londoners who receive these Powerday bursaries.

“From its inception, London ABA has produced international, top class amateur boxers. Since WW2, Olympic champions have included Terry Spinks, (West Ham ABC), Chris Finnegan, (Hayes ABC), Audley Harrison, (Repton ABC), James DeGale, (Dale Youth ABC) and Anthony Joshua, (Finchley ABC); even Nicola Adams boxed for a London club (Haringey PC). Many of these boxers struggled to bridge the gap between national and international boxing through personal, or family, financial circumstances. These Powerday bursaries, this new generous support, will help six of our young, potential Olympians and is warmly welcomed by London ABA.”

The image shows the bursary launch, pictured left to right: Mick Crossan (Powerday Sponsor), Maurice Hope (World Middleweight Champion, ex Repton Olympian), Ryan Pickard (England International) and Ron Philipson (London ABA President)