Powerday reclaimed the biggest prize in golf (well, for the waste industry at least!) when they won last week’s Masters of Waste tournament at the prestigious Hanbury Manor course in Hertfordshire.

The very well organised Lets Recycle event saw 25 teams compete on the day. The Powerday team (pictured below) captained by Derrick Franklin (centre left) including Richard O’Keefe (centre right) and guests John Paul (far right) and Frank Mythen (far left), put together a winning performance that saw them home by a single point.

The team, following up a win in 2011, were happy to regain the trophy. Derrick commented: “This was a very enjoyable day, congratulations to Lets Recycle for doing such a great job. It’s good to catch up with friends at these days and we’ll be back to defend the title next year’.

The image shows (from left to right): Frank Mythen, Derrick Franklin, Richard O'Keefe and John Paul.