Retaining recycling standard PAS 402 for 6th time

We are very pleased to have retained the recycling performance standard, PAS 402: 2013 for the sixth year running.

PAS 402 and the corresponding Green Compass scheme certification was established for waste management companies to provide a standard for performance reporting.  It was developed by Construction Excellence in Wales (CEW) whose efforts to minimise waste across the country were being held back by the lack of accurate and reliable reporting.

The PAS 402 standard is helping construction companies to increase their recycling and reuse performance and reduce waste costs through increased visibility and understanding of what is happening to their waste.

We were the first waste management company in England to receive the PAS 402 accreditation back in 2015 and have renewed it annually ever since.

Paul Jennings, Director of the Green Compass scheme commented “We at Green Compass are delighted that Powerday has again successfully completed their annual audit against PAS 402 and are now in possession of their sixth Green Compass certificate. Powerday was the first company in England to attain Green Compass Certification and they have remained in the forefront of our drive to see continuous improvement in the waste management industry. Congratulations Powerday!”

Anthony Davitt, Powerday's Sales Director, added: “We are delighted to have gained our PAS402 accreditation for the sixth year running, making us the first waste management company in England to have gained the accreditation and now held it for six consecutive years. We strive to provide our clients the best service, reporting and reassurance that their waste is being taken care of correctly.”

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