Recycling Symbols Explained

We’re all used to recycling more of our waste these days, but there are a multitude of symbols to go with each different waste type. The type of symbol you see will depend on what materials have been used to create the item and will also determine how the material is processed to recycle it. Take a look below to see our guide to what each symbol signifies and the type of item it is likely to be.

Symbol Name What It Means
Mobius Loop This symbol means an item is recyclable by all recycling systems.
PET Polyethylene Terephthalate plastics: typically bottles and jars.
HDPE High-density Polyethylene: could include carrier bags, bottles, pipes and toiletry containers.
PVC Polyvinyl Chloride, can be found in pipes, clothes, children’s toys and furniture.
LPDE Low-density Polyethylene: found in squeezy bottles, cling films, lids and food bags.
PP Polypropylene, typically found in food containers such as yoghurt pots, takeaway boxes and plastic cups and plates.
PS Polystyrene: a common material for disposable plates, cups, cutlery and containers.
Other Can contain polycarbonate or ABS: found in a variety of items such as CDs, sunglasses, bottles and car headlamps.
Aluminium Recycling Drinks cans, foil and food pouches made with aluminium can be recycled.
The Green Dot Often confused with a recycling symbol, this symbol simply means the producer supports recycling efforts, not that the item it’s on is recyclable.