The Powerday Foundation

The Powerday Foundation (formally the Crossan Family Foundation) was established out of the Powerday Development Programme which was set up to provide support and funding to local sporting organisations and individuals in London.

Focusing on Amateur boxing, Rugby Union and young people, we work with local clubs, schools, communities, sporting and local authorities to improve facilities, equipment, confidence, skills and knowledge.

Our focus is on club and project development whilst helping to attract funding to support activities.  By working directly with clubs, we are able to provide new and improved facilities whilst delivering resources to underpin growth, sustainability and excellence through the club and volunteers.

Over the last four years, The Powerday Foundation has, mutually with clubs and projects, attracted over £11 million of new investment to over 50 clubs and communities in London.

The Foundation currently helps a number of organisations including boxing clubs such as Dale Youth ABC, Earlsfield ABC, Repton Boys Club and our very own Powerday Hooks.

Alongside this, we also hold annual Powerday Athlete Bursary Awards which are made available to a select few candidates who have the ability to achieve success in their chosen sport at Regional, National and International levels. The bursaries are to be used for assistance with coaching, travel and diet.

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