Waste by Water

Located on a 26-mile lock-free section of the Paddington Arm of the Grand Union Canal, Powerday has our own canal wharf at our Old Oak Sidings site in Willesden Junction.  This unique facility enables us to transport clients’ construction waste by water, reducing the carbon emissions from waste transportation and making a valuable contribution to the sustainable transport needs of our Capital city. 

Canals are well suited to the transportation of construction waste.  Our ideal location and private wharf mean materials can be unloaded just metres from our Old Oak Sidings materials recycling facility where construction waste can be processed to ensure maximum recycling and recovery.

Why transport waste by water

Ever rising fuel costs, gridlock on London’s roads, the climate emergency and concern about the levels of air pollution in the Capital make transporting construction waste on London’s canals a compelling alternative to road transportation.

Transportation of waste by water can greatly reduce the carbon emissions of construction waste transportation, helping clients meet ambitious environmental targets and planning obligations imposed by local authorities via the planning process.  According to figures from the European Commission, CO2 emissions for loads by inland waterway are in the region of 40 to 66g (per tonne/km) compared to 207 to 280g for road.

In the London area, canal barge payloads allow circa 60 to 80 tonnes per barge to be transported efficiently.  In terms of typical construction waste material emanating from waterside developments, a single barge would easily carry the equivalent of 12 skip loads, therefore removing 24 HGV lorry journeys from London’s roads.

How we can help

Powerday has extensive knowledge of the waterways and the practicalities of moving waste by water in London.  We are well placed to support our clients with feasibility studies and understanding the viability of transporting the waste by water for individual projects.

We can deliver and manage the operational provision of waste by water as an integrated on-site logistics package.  We will then process your waste at our state-of-the-art materials recycling facility, ensuring 100% recycling and recovery, further supporting your sustainability targets.

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Read more about how we can support you in transporting construction waste by water and how we are supporting other clients in this way, including Camden Market in partnership with iRecycle.

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