Making the most of non-recyclable waste

Powerday is committed to making the most of the UK’s resources, minimising ours and our clients’ impact on the environment and treating waste in line with the waste hierarchy.

To help achieve this, we have contracts with some of the most efficient energy-from-waste plants in the UK and Europe. Our clients can rest assured that their valuable non-recyclable resources are being used to maximum benefit.

Enabling maximum recovery of material

We invest in the latest technology that enables us to segregate the maximum amount of material for recycling through our materials recycling facilities. Residual waste, in the form of fragments of paper, plastics and mixed packaging materials, is left over. This non-recyclable waste is highly calorific so is processed into renewable fuels, known as refuse derived fuel (RDF). Find out more about our energy-from-waste process.

Powering the future

We produce a significant volume of consistent, high-quality RDF which is in great demand, ensuring we have a stable outlet for our material. Our RDF is shipped to waste-to-energy facilities (also known as energy-from-waste) in the UK and across Europe. These plants use thermal treatment to release energy which is used to generate combined heat and power (CHP) for local residents. Our renewable fuels reduce reliance on fossil fuels as well as diverting waste from landfill.

Read about our RDF contract with Geminor.

Interested in our RDF?

We are London’s leading independent producer of refuse derived fuel and are able to produce consistent renewable fuels to a variety of specifications and particle sizes. Contact us to find out more.

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