Producing high quality renewable fuels

As London’s leading independent producer of refuse derived fuel (RDF), we are able to produce consistent renewable fuels to a variety of specifications and particle sizes, meeting the specific requirements of individual clients. 

We generate a high volume of quality materials which can be supplied baled and wrapped for secure onward European transport or loose for domestic destinations.

State-of-the-art recycling and recovery plant

With materials recycling facilities (MRFs) at Willesden Junction and Enfield, supported by waste transfer stations in Canning Town, Brixton, Heathrow and Wimbledon, we are licensed to process over two million tonnes of construction and demolition, municipal, and commercial and industrial waste each year.

We continually invest in the latest technology enabling us to segregate the maximum amount of material for recycling.  The remaining materials are processed to generate over 100,000 tonnes of renewable fuels each year.  These high-quality products, in the form of RDF, are supplied to waste-to-energy facilities in the UK and on the continent.

Forward-thinking supply contracts

With the ability to vary the exact composition of our RDF to meet different clients’ requirements, we have a high demand for the large volume of the quality output we produce.  As a result, we have contracts to supply some of the most efficient plants in Europe.  These forward-thinking contracts ensure that we have a stable outlet for all our material which generates combined heat and power (CHP) for residents in Sweden, Holland and Germany.

If you are interested in sourcing our renewable fuels, please contact us.

UK based waste-to-energy plants

We would like to see the UK’s valuable resources remain in the UK so have long supported the expansion of energy-from-waste capacity on home soil.  Not only would this allow the UK to retain the financial value of this material but it would also support UK waste and energy policy and minimise waste miles.  We are particularly interested in talking to companies sourcing RDF for use in the domestic market – please contact us to find out more.

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